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tep sodachan - akura lohet - khmer oldies [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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tep sodachan - akura lohet [Jun. 2nd, 2007|09:28 pm]
khmer oldies

the end song from the film tep sodachan. sang by ros sereysothea and sinn sisamouth. this is most certainly one of the most beautiful songs to ever have graced my ears.
i had the song kindly translated for me, and the lyrics are in the cut below. please bear in mind that due to difficulties with direct translations of these lyrics the words are not anywhere near as poetic or profound as they are in native tongue.

prohs bong aye, ourw prohs bong aye
darling, oh darling

own mowk dol hiyy tham kaw soniya lohet akara sray ja lur sbaiyy
i have arrived as promised by the inscriptions i marked on the cloth
(lohet literally means blood and akara means letters or words)

ta rodohw pkah reaj own nung vel vay
that when the flowers bloom i will return

mowk juorb moke pday nung kone somlunge smuer jeeveth
to see your face and our dear child

kairv bong aye, own nov thee na? rodohw pkah reaj hiy na vormeth
my darling, where are you? it is the flowering season, dear

ahneth bonghine rube gai sray ouy pday youl pong
pity me, show yourself to me so that i may see

own nowv neeh thay na bong
i am over here

rearm sohme bay thrawgong
please let me embrace/hold you

mun bahn thay bong ahso own pong na pohw
you cannot, please pity me

bar min ahneth dol rube bong
if you don't feel sorry for me

sohme thair snair snong ahso gohne
at least have mercy for our child

yome thear roke bow stur thair sone
who cries for nourishment

own aye mdech gaw dach maytha
dear why have you lost compassion

own min ahch pah poul bong bahn thay
i cannot touch you at all

neeh gur banchear preah reaj bayda
this is my father's order

prours own mun mane mnoos tormada thay na prohs tlaiy
because i am not a normal human being

bar bong hawh hur bahn bong nung thohv tham pisay
if i can fly i will follow you

thuors jeeveth ksaiy gaw mun sowk sdaiy rearm ksaiy bahn
even if i lose my life i won't regret it, i am willing to die

pross bong aye now ouy bahn sok
darling, please take care

gomebay skoul thohk thairng be prahn
i wish happiness for the both of you

own lear lear avasan hiy na prohs bong
i'm leaving you now

dol pkah reaj tmay thurb bahn juorb mdong
until the flowers bloom again will we meet once more

lear hiy prohs bong own lear hiy bong thairng ahlaiy
good bye, dear i'm leaving you

lear hiy...lear hiy...na bong
good bye...good bye...


[User Picture]From: brokenharbours
2007-06-04 09:01 am (UTC)
wow this is beautiful, such yearning.
thanks for sharing and keep up with the entries, i'm enjoying them :)
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From: atticsparrow
2007-06-05 11:44 am (UTC)
i'm glad you liked it, and i intend to. really this time. :)
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